Race rules



The Nipalou is an extinct volcano  of 1066 metres and dominating the village of Lorcieres in the Cantal department of the Auvergne.


Introduction :


The « Tour du Nipalou » consists of trail races and walks.  For security reasons,

all motorised vehicules are forbidden, with the exception of  those authorised by the organisers, as well as all animals, except those on a short leash.




1.     The Type of Events :


1-11 Distances and Change in Elevation :


Seven circular distances : 700 metres reserved for new athletes U9, 1.2 kms reserved for U11, 2.2 kms reserved for U13, 3.8 kms, 12 kms, 21 kms and 53 kms.

They consist of more than 90% of hiking trails, tracks, woodland, fields and pastures.

The elevation drops are as follows :

    0.7 km : 0+ et 16 - altitude mini 820, maxi 836

    1.2 km : 25+ et 80- 1,45km effort, altitude mini 820, maxi 870

    2.2 km : 50+ et 125- 2,6km effort, altitude mini 820, maxi 910

    3.8 km : 135+ et 135- 5,1km effort, altitude mini 815, maxi 910

    12 km : 540+ et 540- 17km effort, altitude mini 815, maxi 1120

    21 km : 1020+ et 1020- 31km effort, altitude mini 820, maxi 1225

    53 km : 2540+ et 2540- soit 78km effort, altitude mini 735, maxi 1497

1.12         Departure times of races

All depart from the village hall, « salle des fêtes », with times staggered as follows :

    - 8h00 for the 53 km,

    - 9h30 for the 12 km

    - 10h00 for the 21 km

    - 10h05 pour le 3.8 km

    - 9h45 monitored departure of U13 to join the departure line of 1,6 km of the 3,8km tour, actual departure time : 10h15

    - 9h50 monitored departure of U11 to join the departure line, actual departure : 10h15

    - 9h55 : monitored departure of U9 to join the departure line, actual departure at 10h15


1-2 Walks : The walks are not a competition. The participants will not have a number, no ranking will be made, they will take part in the walk under their entire responsibility, minors will be under the responsibility of their parents or a designated adult.

1-21 Distances :

The circular walks of 6km, 9km,18km and 20km, and follow the race circuits at 90%.

1.22 Departure time :

Participants are free to depart between 9h00 and 10h15


2- Organisers

The association « Horizon Nipalou » (www.tourdunipalou.org) assisted by the « Union Sportive Issoirienne athlétisme. »

Participation Conditions

3- Inscriptions

3-1 Races :

    3-11 Age Categories:

The race 0,7km is reserved for the category « éveils athlétiques « (2015-2016-2017)

The race 1,2km is reserved for the category « poussin » (2013-2014)

The race 2,2km is reserved for the category « benjamin » (2011-2012)

The race 3,8 km is open for the category « minime » (2010 and before)

The race 12km is open for the category « cadet » (2008 and before)

The other races (21km, 53km), are open for the category « espoir » (2004 and before)

The athlete, who is a minor, must provide a parental authorisation to participate, indicating the race for which the autorisation applies. It can be downloaded from the inscription site or presented on the day of the race.

3-12 License and Medical Certificate :

Respecting article 231-2-1 of the « code du sport », the participation to the competition is subject to the mandatory presentation of :

- either a license « Athlé Compétition », « Athlé Entreprise », « Athlé Running » or « Pass’J’aime courir », issued by the FFA, valid on the date of the event. (Attention, other licenses issued by « FFA Santé, Encadrement et Découverte » are not accepted)

- or a sports license, valid at the date of the race, issued only by an accredited federation  », on which must be stated apt for participation of  a competitive athletic event or a run-trail .

- Fédération des clubs de la défense (FCD).

- Fédération française du sport adapté (FFSA).

- Fédération française handisport (FFH).

- Fédération sportive de la police nationale (FSPN).

- Fédération sportive des ASPTT.

- Fédération sportive et culturelle de France (FSCF).

- Fédération sportive et gymnique du travail (FSGT).

- Fédération sportive des œuvres laïques d’éducation physique (UFOLEP)

• In the absence of one of the licenses stated above, the participant must present a medical certificate to the organisers authorising the ability to practise an athletic sport in competition or a run-race in competition, dated less than one year from the date of the competition, or its copy.

No other document can be accepted as a medical certificate.

Foreign athletes, even licenced of a federation affiliated to IAAF, must provide a medical certificate in French dated less than one year from the date of the race.

3-2 Walks:


Walkers register to the distance of their choice and can change the distance the day of the event.

Walkers, minors,  must be accompanied by a designated adult.

Where the routes of the race are the same as the runners, walkers should give way to the runners.


3-3 Registration and Race-Bib Numbers :


The rules of registration are shown on the web-site of the association : https://www.tourdunipalou.org/inscription .

Registration can be effected via the web-site of the association, at a reduced tariff (closure of registration on Internet is the Saturday preceding the event at 13h00), or the day of the event, from 7h00, at the normal tariff, in the « salle des fêtes », village hall of Lorcières.

The distribution of the Race-Bib Numbers will take place the day of the event, from 7h00 at the «  salle des fêtes » of Lorcières.


4- Races: Timing, Race-Bib Number and Arrival.


4-1 Time-keeping :


The timing is assured by an electronic chip integrated into the Race-Bib.

The wearing of a Race-Bib/chip not corresponding to the identity of the participant registered will lead to the disqualification of the competitor.


4-2 Speed & Time Limits:


The speed is free.

Time limits, cut off times, are fixed at 1hour for the 3.8 km, at 2 hours for the 12 km, at 4 hours for the 21 km, at 9 hours for the 53 km.

For the 53 km, competitors arriving at Challèles, KM 29, after 5 hours of running,  or after 7h30 of race at km 43,  are requested to take the short cut and will not be ranked.


4-3 Race-Bib:


The race-bibs are attributed to the participants of the run-trail, and are to be worn, to be   visible, during the entire race.

They will be collected at the finishing point.

In case of abandoning the race, the competitor should remove his race-bib and give it to the nearest refreshment point, or to a member of the organisation of the event.


All engagement to the event is personal. No registration transfer is authorised for any reason whatsoever. Any person giving his number to a third person, will be considered responsible in case of any accident to, or provoked, by this third person during the event. Any person wearing a number acquired in breach of the present rules will be disqualified.

The organisation declines all responsability in case of accident in this type of situation.


4-4 Arrival:


The finishing point is situated to the east side of the «  Salle des fêtes de Lorcières « 


5- Refreshment Points


The refreshment points are for both runners and walkers.


5-1 Circuit 3,8 km : water post km2 and refreshment point at the arrival.


5-2 Circuit 12km : refreshment point at km 6 and at arrival


5-3 Circuit 21km : refreshment points at kilometres 5, 11, 16 and at arrival.


5-4 Circuit 53km : semi-autonomy in the spirit of a run-trail, refreshment points at kilometres 5, 22, 37 and at finishing point. Backpack or belt with a water bottle is mandatory.


6- Accompanying Persons

For reasons of security followers on bikes, or other vehicules, and dogs not on a short leash, are forbidden.

Accompanying persons in a car can head to certain intersections of race routes / and tarmaced roads. A special map to this effect is available on the race web-site or at the inscriptions desk.


7- Payment, Acceptance of Rules


Each participant, runner or walker, accepts unconditionally these present rules. The participant must also inform each person who follows them of these rules, which, in turn, must be accepted unconditionally by them.


8- Rights for Images


Except by written request of the participant to the contrary, communicated at the latest, the day of the race, the organisers have the right to use the photos taken to promote their event without any payment made to the persons concerned.


9- Security and  Check


The security is assured by the marshals, a race doctor, a nurse, and an association of First Aid (Red Cross ou « Protection Civile »).

Assistance between competitors: in case of accident , all competitors are bound to assist another competitor , whilst awaiting the arrival of  the emergency services.

Hiking Poles during the various races: are authorised after the first kilometre of the race, taking care not to hinder other participants.

Routes in common : walkers are to give way to runners.

Animals:  dogs should be kept on a short leash

Check points will take place during the race. All athletes ranked on arrival, who have not passed by one, or several, check points, will be disqualified.


10- Retraction


In case of retraction, before 23h59’ of the Wednesday preceding the race, of a participant registered on the web-site, the registration fees will be refunded, with a deduction of the sum billed to « association Horizon Nipalou » by the website host.

For organisation reasons, the registration to the meal (Aligot) is definite. No refund will be made.





11- Insurance


Civil Responsability: the organisers are covered by an insurance policy  N°40988382 subscribed  with Groupama.

Insurance personal injury : licensees  are covered by the guarantees of the insurance  linked to their license.

It is strongly advised for other participants to subscribe to an personal insurance covering personal injury caused by sporting activities .


12- Sport Rules – ranking and prizes


The competition takes place according to sports rules of the FFA (Fédération Française d’athlétisme).

A general ranking, a ranking by category and a ranking by team of 4 by addition of places (best 4th in case of egality), will be established for each distance.

They can be consulted within 48 hours on the web-site. Persons not wishing to appear should make a written request to the organisation before the start of the race.

The prizes will be given at « la salle des fêtes » after the arrival of the last competitor of each distance.  

Prizes to the first 3 of the general ranking (Woman and Man), and to the first in each category (P, B, M, C, J, Es, S, M0 à M14)

No ranking, nor timing for « les éveils athlétiques ». A prize will be given to all at the finishing post.


13- Handisport (Disabled)


The course does not allow the participation of handisport athletes, due to accessibility difficulties.


14- Changes due to force majeure

The organisation reserves the right to make any changes necessary for the smooth running of the event. In this case, all participants will be informed of all changes before the start of the race.

In the case of a force majeure or a request from the authorities, the organiser can at any moment terminate the event. The participants will be informed by all means possible. They will not be able to claim any refund, nor allowance, and should strictly conform to the directives of the organisation. The non-respect of these instructions will result in the end of the responsibility of the organiser.


15- Protection of the environment


The places passed by the different races must be protected. All material, all waste disgarded, outside the collection points put in place by the organisation, is forbidden.


16- Special Annexe  Covid Pandemic


Due to the health crisis, and depending on how it evolves up to 30th October, the following measures may be taken:


-        Cancellation of all walks. Those registered will be totally refunded. Only the run-races will be maintained.

-        No registration on day, only on line or by post, until Thursday 27 October 23h59 in order to have time to prepare the race-bibs  to respect the protocol.

-        The Race-bibs will be distributed to the runners from 7h00 outside the « Salle des Fêtes » weather permitting,  if not inside  « salle des fêtes » with limited access and a one way route.

-        Face maks will be mandatory up to 300m after the starting point, and on arriving at the finishing point. Sanitizer gel will be available at the Bib distributing point and all refreshment posts, including the arrival.. 

-        At all the refreshment posts, water in small bottles (with attached tops to avoid unnecessary waste,) and all food in individual wrapping,  will be available for all runners.

-        The meal usually served in the Salle des Fêtes will be replaced by a take-away snack, prepared by a professional caterer. The price difference will be refunded by the organiser.

-        Access to the Salle des Fêtes will be not be possible, except if bad weather means the distribution of race-bibs in the interior.

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