Welcome to "Le Tour du Nipalou" in Lorcières

The 22nd edition of the "Tour du Nipalou" will take place on Sunday, October 31st 2021 in Lorcières en Margeride (Cantal in Auvergne region).

New in 2021 : departure of the 52 kilometers will be at 8:00 am instead  of 8:30 am.

This moutain trail of 5, 12, 21 or 52 kilometers introduces you to the Margeride a mountain range which offers a nature, relief and countryside ideal for walking, hiking, mountain-biking and running.

The 52 kilometers distance gives 3 Endurance qualification points for the Ultra Trail du Mont-Blanc. ITRA certification


Places of origin of the 2018 and 2019 Tour competitors


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La Montage newspaper's press review (11-01-2010)

The quote of the day

"This trail is awesome. This is my first participation, I am overwhelmed. What a landscape !"

  from Le Puy, winner of the Nipalou trail 18 km loop,
on Sunday at Lorcières

La Montagne newspaper 29-10-2007

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